• homebrew

    The missing package manager for OS X.
  • agents

    an experiment with AI agents
  • mogli

    Facebook Open Graph Library
  • nette-activeentity

    Abstract class to extend your entities from to give a layer which gives you the functionality magically offered by Doctrine_Record
  • twalo

    Twitter halo plotter
  • ops_routes

    Plugin to provide heartbeat and version pages
  • latexila

    Integrated LaTeX Environment for GNOME
  • KitchenSink

    Titanium Mobile Kitchen Sink Demo
  • jekyll

    Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby
  • soapbox

    Create and present simple slides through your browser using HTML5, CSS, Javascript.
  • connect-js

    Facebook's JavaScript client-side implementation of Connect.
  • harryrickards

    All the code I'm going to write from now on
  • BKImageRep

    Replacement of NSImageRep for UIKit.
  • ant-helpers

    An xml collection of helper files for ant
  • django-page-cms

    Official Django page CMS + changes for sites I administer
  • globalize2

    The second incarnation of Globalize for Rails
  • accessors-magic

    Yet another accessor language
  • App-Emma-Voip

    simple telephone operator for make calls for you.
  • csharp-sdk

    C# SDK for Facebook Platform
  • ibrowse

    Erlang HTTP client