• cakephp-namedscope

    A CakePHP behavior that allows you to define named scopes for a model, and then apply them to any find call.
  • mynewfavouritebiz

  • orocos-rtt

    Orocos Real-Time Toolkit
  • orocos-ocl

    Orocos Component Library
  • multi-rbackup

    Backup multiple Sources/Servers with rsync
  • druid

    drUID Unexpected Interactions Detector
  • parp

    Processing Abnormal Read-Pairs
  • emacs-rails

    Tomtt's version of the minor mode for editing RubyOnRails code in Emacs
  • elmbac

    Search for Eukaryotic Linear Motifs in Bacterial Sequences - and associated analysis
  • EmpireEvolution

    Empire Evolution is an text-based massively multiplayer online role playing game. Set in a mythical land way back in time, you are left to manage your empire during turbulent times. Can your survive?
  • wolf_funky_cache

    Funky cache plugin for Wolf CMS
  • specjure

    Behaviour Driven Development framework for Clojure
  • ascii_art

  • another

    Swiss army knife of project templates.
  • panda_gem

    Gem for Panda, the video platform
  • fixie_whitelister

    Sanitizes form data at submission time -- keeps your database clean
  • prh-rlib

    Misc stuff I dont want to clutter my code with
  • site_blacklist

    Rails plugin for blacklisting specific IPs from accessing your site
  • safe_record

    Rails plugin. check SQL escape
  • dovetail

    (proof-of-concept) A toolkit for assembling XMPP components.