• blueprint_layout

  • annotate_models

    Annotate Rails classes with schema and routes info
  • pictrails

    A Web Photo Gallery, written with Rails 2.0. Pictrails can manage several photo galleries.
  • do_notation

    Haskell-style monad do-notation for Ruby
  • clickatell

    NO LONGER SUPPORTED - Ruby interface to the Clickatell SMS Gateway API
  • portfolio

    Alex Coles Portfolio
  • depth-charge

    A quick and dirty dependency finder for your Ruby projects
  • rubynomic

    Initial source code for ruby nomic games
  • facon

    Facon is a mocking library in the spirit of the Bacon spec library. Small, compact, and works with Bacon.
  • luaclr

  • ruby-idology

    Ruby interface to the IDology API
  • ruby-merlin

    Ruby interface to the Merlin API
  • amazing

    an amazing widget manager for an awesome window manager
  • spongewolf

    Rails application for building event lists and calendars using the Spongecell API
  • ext_scaffold

    copy of ext_scaffold
  • name_parser

    Gem for parsing names into first, last, middle, prefix and suffix
  • ruby-screen

    A utility to supplement GNU Screen, easing use of custom configurations, packaged as a RubyGem.
  • restful-authentication

    Attempt to add SSL client certificate support to the restful_authenctication plugin
  • utility-belt

    IRB Power User Utility Belt
  • sprinkle

    Sprinkle is a software provisioning tool you can use to build remote servers with. eg. to install a Rails, or Sinatra stack on a brand new slice directly after its been created