• raphael

    JavaScript Vector Library
  • js_bind_example

    Example code for an article on kudelabs.com about the use of prototype.js bind() helper method.
  • racetrack

    Sample application from "Getting Started with Grails" (http://infoq.com/minibooks/grails)
  • growling_test

    GrowlingTest is a gem for notifying test running status locally via the Growl notification framework on Mac.
  • xmpp4r-simple

  • secure_sessions

    A Rails plugin to securely manage multiple sessions while resisting session highjacking.
  • fixie

    Simple PHP library for using YAML fixtures in HTML mockups
  • learning-rails-sample-app

    Sample application for the Learning Rails free online course in Ruby on Rails
  • scubabase

    Playing with the Freebase API; building a fish lookup app built with Pylons.
  • textpattern-jmc_event_manager

    The Event Manager Plugin for Textpattern
  • test_notifier

    Display system notifications (dbus, growl and snarl) after running tests. It works on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Powerful when used with Autotest ZenTest gem for Rails apps.
  • cache_fu

    Everyone's favorite memcached plugin for ActiveRecord.
  • hsirc

    Haskell irc library
  • engines

    The Rails Engines plugin
  • make_tests_better

    A rails plugin to make your Test Unit tests much much better automagically
  • todo

    A command-line Perl todo-list handler, with tags and projects
  • radiant-comments

    Radiant Comments
  • acl

    Access Control List plugin
  • acts_as_authorizable

    Implements a hierarchical role based authorization system on instances of ActiveRecord models.
  • flot

    A fork of the (awesome) 'flot' jQuery graphing/charting library.