• erlpop

    POP3 client for Erlang with SSL support (derived from the original epop package)
  • lift-samples

    Samples of lift-based applications
  • scala-archetype-simple

    a simple maven archetype for project in scala
  • snow-rails-tmbundle

    my utility tmbundle for rails developement
  • sake-tasks

    My Sake Tasks
  • dnd-npc

    A random NPC generator for D&D 3rd edition, written in C. Includes CGI and console interfaces.
  • jquery.minesweeper

    jQuery Minesweeper
  • dnd-util

    An encapsulation (in C) of the core logic and data of D&D, 3rd edition.
  • dnd-templates

    A templating system written in C. (Deprecated, obsolete, etc!)
  • dnd-writetem

    A templating system written in C, with a stream wrapper system. (Deprecated, obsolete, etc!)
  • flotilla

    Flot graphs on Rails
  • battallica

    Old school top-down view 2D real time strategy game for linux/GTK with scalable vector graphics (I abandoned this project early on, so this is only the beginnings of a game, not really even playabe.)
  • scriptaculous

    script.aculo.us is an open-source JavaScript framework for visual effects and interface behaviours.
  • cucumber

    An experimental reimplementation of RSpec's story framework, based on Treetop
  • curn

    curn: Customizable Utilitarian RSS Notifier
  • javautil

    org.clapper.util Java Utility Library
  • utility_scopes

    A collection of utilitarian named scopes for your ActiveRecord models.
  • i-heart-complexity

    Code and slides for my presentation first seen at RailsConf Europe 2008
  • ruby-mtv

    A Ruby library for the newly borne MTV api.
  • paragrep

    Paragraph grep utility