• custom-nginx-session-module

    Custom nginx module for tracking unique users(used by statistic counters).
  • forest

  • paperclip-on-heroku

    Sample Rails 2.3 apps showing usage of Paperclip + S3 on Heroku
  • e-teaching

    E-teaching is a Final Project Graduation Course which aims to help a teacher controls and share data with your students! ;-)
  • anigma

    Anigma is a colorful arcade logic game.
  • mail_builder

    MailBuilder is a simple library for building RFC compliant MIME emails.
  • juice-maven-skin

    Is a Juice-style skin for a Maven site.
  • hancock-client-rails

    Rails 2.3.2 Hancock Consumer Application using Sinatra Middleware as Rails Metal
  • module-install-repository

    Module::Install plugin to auto-set repository URL
  • instiki

    a basic wiki clone so pretty and easy to set up, you’ll wonder if it’s really a wiki.
  • puppet

    Server automation framework and application
  • jamal

    Javascript MVC Library based on jQuery
  • css-debugger

    CSS styles to highlight problematic and malformed html
  • mr.developer

    A zc.buildout extension to ease the development of large projects with lots of packages.
  • chainable

    never use alias_method_chain, again
  • json_autocompleter

    An autocomplete HTML/JavaScript widget based on prototype.js/script.aculo.us that loads remote data from a JSON source.
  • physicsthing

    A framework for running physics simulations
  • marginalia-lib-mirror

    A git mirror of the marginalia javascript annotation project
  • vraptor

    Simple Java Web MVC Framework
  • sinatra-authorization

    HTTP Authorization helpers for Sinatra