• wealth.net

    Hello world template for github cloning
  • cache_fu

    Everyone's favorite memcached plugin for ActiveRecord.
  • radiant-copy-move

    It's an extension for Radiant CMS. It allows for a page to be copied (or moved) under a new parent.
  • in_place_editing

    InPlaceEditing plugin
  • paperclip

    Paperclip File Management Plugin
  • picmov

    shoes app to copy and rename images
  • crocus

    a bookmark manger system
  • erlmmo

    A small erlang mmo. Actually not sure where I want to go with it.
  • will_paginate

    Most awesome pagination solution for Ruby
  • newsfeeds

    a scala api for parsing rss and atom feeds
  • getna

    Gerador Rails a partir de um Banco de Dados / Rails Generator from the database
  • rag

    Ruby Aggregator
  • forgetful

    A minimal command-line app implementing the SuperMemo 2 algorithm.
  • github_creator

    (Perl) Create a Github repository for your Perl module
  • rhizomebb

    BBCode generator in Lisp. For generating postings to rhizome.org .
  • lat_commons

    Common rake tasks.
  • alonetone

    The kick ass (non-commercial) home for musicians and their music
  • track

    Command line time tracking with two commands
  • ffmpeg-ruby

    Ruby interface to the ffmpeg C library
  • chartmycycles

    source code for chart my cycles.com