• gkrellm-snmp

    SNMP monitor plugin for GKrellM stack
  • lua-zlib

    Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua.
  • couchdb-lucene

    Enables full-text searching of CouchDB documents using Lucene
  • iboflavin

  • django-faq

    A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) management application built with Django.
  • tuplaprecio

    Web App for listing services prices provided by a triple-play company
  • his_cn

    open source his project
  • ouvidoria

  • appengine-imified

    Example of providing an Instant Messaging interface to App Engine application
  • .rc

  • made_in_railscamp

    Super simple rack middleware to PROVE TO THE WORLD that you made your cool app at railscamp. Tweaks the generated HTML for get requests to add some text about what you did at railscamp.
  • jrails

    jRails is a drop-in jQuery replacement for Prototype/script.aculo.us on Rails. Using jRails, you can get all of the same default Rails helpers for javascript functionality using the lighter jQuery library.
  • delayed_job

    Database backed asynchronous priority queue -- Extracted from Shopify
  • mightylemon

    A Django blog. Formerly Oebfare by brosner.
  • oathotp

    Online oath (hotp) validator running on google app engine
  • Mouse-Exporter

    (DEPRECATED) SEE Mouse 0.39 or higher.
  • Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-RPX

  • annotate_models

    Annotate ActiveRecord models as a gem
  • lighthouse-cards

    A small sinatra app to generate printable index cards (for agile processes) from lighthouse tickets - now with added dashboard!
  • sysloglogger

    An improved Logger replacement that logs to syslog. It is almost drop-in with a few caveats.