• action_mailer_tls

    Use Gmail SMTP server to send emails in Rails ActionMailer
  • poignant-br

    Tradução do livro Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby para português.
  • drop.io-api-php

    A PHP Client library for the drop.io API
  • abap-mind-maps

    Mind Maps for ABAP Language
  • mangos

    MaNGOS is a free, Open Source implementation of a game server compatible with the original World of Warcraft client.
  • health

    A basic check health URL that can be used by System Administrators
  • site-skel

    Generate skeleton websites from the CLI based on predefined templates and variants
  • css_browser_selector

    Gives the ability to write specific CSS code for each operating system and each browser from the backend or through JS.
  • hartford.rb

    Hartford Ruby Brigade
  • flatirons

    A merb 1.x app that's an openid provider, based on the rails example in ruby-openid
  • sicp-solutions

    My solutions to exercises in the 2nd edition of Abelson and Sussman's SICP
  • dm-tokyo-cabinet-adapter

    An experimentation to add ORM on top of Tokyo Cabinet
  • ghost

    Ghost (Game Host) -- A dedicated Warcraft III game host for Battle.net and PvPGN.
  • jabbercaster

    Broadcast jabber messages to multiple accounts
  • thrift

    This is a mirror of The Unofficial Thrift Git Repository
  • restful-authentication

    Generates common user authentication code for Rails/Merb, with a full test/unit and rspec suite and optional Acts as State Machine support built-in.
  • commands

    random scripts
  • dm-is-configurable

    A DataMapper plugin which adds configuration to resources
  • accessible-model-attributes

    Determines which attributes in a given model can be set via mass-assignment.
  • qsmile

    Smile Manager for Instant Messangers