• sinatra

    Classy web-development dressed in a DSL
  • gnip-dotnet

    .Net library for utilizing Gnip services.
  • elco

    Embedded Lisp COmpiler (a Lisp compiler for bare metal 32bit embedded systems)
  • wigit

    Simple & light Git-based wiki
  • flocks

    An IRC communication repository
  • sinatra-book

    Tutorial + Cookbook
  • radiant-wrappits-extension

    Allows you to create double tag snippets (<r:snippet></r:snippet>), whose content can be inserted in the snippet with <r:yield/>.
  • rebound

    Bind any instance of UnboundMethod to any object, regardless of class.
  • mathfact

    A _very_ simple math quiz (for my kids) and my first Ruby Cocoa project
  • siesta

    A little REST for your controllers
  • freeradius-server

    FreeRADIUS - A multi-protocol policy server.
  • shanenotes

    A ruby cocoa implementation of Tomboy Notes (from Linux) for the mac
  • active_scaffold_export

    Export from active_scaffold in CSV
  • ruby-graph

    a simple graph implementation in ruby
  • bioruby

    Central testing repository for the Bioruby project
  • riddle

    Client API for Sphinx
  • swirl

    BEEP for Lua, a beepcore-c binding
  • rsta

    Rhino Swing Test App
  • ipv6suite

    MIPv6/HMIPv6 Omnet++ models
  • rake_and_cap_completion

    Bash completion for rake and cap.