• shoes_tutorial_html

    Shoes Tutorial Note : HTML version
  • user.js

    User JavaScript for Opera(or Firefox).
  • ghost

    Ghost (Game Host) -- A dedicated Warcraft III game host for Battle.net and PvPGN.
  • jquery-grab-bag

    Miscellaneous small jQuery plugins
  • activerecord--arbitrarycallback

    Allows you to arbitrarily hook methods to other methods . . . so every time one method gets run a method of your choosing gets run before or after it as you specify
  • photo-gallery

    PHP gallery serving thumbnails, originals and page titles from disk source
  • cassandra

    my git-svn repo for fb's cassandra
  • hadoop-streaming

    Support libraries for writing Hadoop Streaming-compatible map/reduce tasks.
  • insoshi

    The open source social networking platform in Ruby on Rails from the author of RailsSpace
  • doughweb

  • sproutcore

    JavaScript Application Framework - JS library only
  • activesalesforce

    Mirror of the Salesforce ActiveRecord adapter project from RubyForge
  • git-cc

    Bridge for Git and Clearcase
  • lokii

    SMS Processing Framework
  • teste

  • glassvault

    Custom List Manager
  • radiant

    Radiant is a no-fluff, open source content management system designed for small teams.
  • lighthouse-burndown-beacon

    From lighthouse harvest tickets closed since last harvest... and use points tag to determine project velocity
  • radiant-tags-extension

    Extends Radiant CMS with tagging capabilities. Tagging as in "2.0" and tagclouds.
  • typo

    The famous Ruby on Rails blog engine