• backup_fu

    Makes Amazon S3 backups redonkulous. Redonkulously easy, that is.
  • headerize

    A Rails plugin for including JS and stylesheets in templates but ensuring they appear in one place.
  • active_scaffold_localize

    ActiveScaffold translations
  • rfpdf

    Ruby on Rails TCPDF plugin
  • cruisecontrolrb_perforce

    Perforce support for CruiseControl.rb
  • settings

    database-driven settings with a trim interface and a controller for management.
  • splogger

    toy logger using spread
  • rubber

    A capistrano/rails plugin that makes it easy to deploy/manage/scale to EC2 (moved from rubyforge)
  • adhearsion

    Open-source framework for writing voice-enabled applications using Ruby.
  • mslg2

    My silly little game vertion 2
  • w3c-dom

    A W3C-compliant DOM written on top of libxml2 (very early stages)
  • restfulx_framework

    The RESTful way to develop Adobe Flex and AIR applications.
  • rack

    a modular Ruby webserver interface
  • mootools-core

    MooTools Core Package
  • ozark

    rails blog app - aims at simplicity and uses the Radius parser
  • rcal

    iCal support for Ruby
  • attachment_fu

    Treat an ActiveRecord model as a file attachment, storing its patch, size, content type, etc.
  • tester_xtreme

    Rails plugin providing Test::Unit macros for controller and model testing
  • munger

    a data munging and reporting library for Ruby
  • rails21-book-br

    Ruby on Rails - O que há de novo?