• platform_bionic

  • sortable_table

    Sort HTML tables in a Rails app.
  • rubyboleto

    boletos em Ruby
  • mag

    Middleware MAG
  • objectiveresource

    A port of Ruby on Rails' ActiveResource to Objective-C (and specifically the iPhone)
  • hxflickr

    as3flickrlib with example converted to haXe
  • mada

    A General Purpose Library for Scala (Deprecated)
  • openorbit

    Open Orbit an Interactive Space Flight Simulator
  • wysihat

    A WYSIWYG JavaScript framework
  • dm-xapian

    Xapian full text search plugin for DataMapper rewrite of acts_as_xapian
  • amazon_associate

    DEPRECATED use Ramazon Advertising instead - Amazon Associates API Interface using hpricot
  • testmonkey

    Automated Javascript Testing Framework
  • sequel_versioned

    adds versioning to tables
  • bort

    A base rails app featuring: RESTful Authentication, Will Paginate, Rspec & Rspec-rails, Exception Notifier, Asset Packager, Cap Recipe (multi-stage). Put together by Fudge to remove the need for boring project setup.
  • keyring

    A simple web search application using Yahoo BOSS
  • helenus

  • tumblr-and-friendfeed-theme

    A simplistic tumblr theme folding in any friendfeed stream via their widget
  • braincrave

  • ruby-hash-extensions

    A ruby hash in which every value returned is an Array.
  • latam_keyboard

    MacOSX LatinAmerican Keyboard Layout