• xircd

    Pluggable IRC Server
  • twitter

    Copy of git://git.busydoingnothing.co.uk/twitter.git
  • mine

  • dvdprofiler_collection

    Library for access exported profiles from DVD Profiler
  • foreigner

    Adds foreign key helpers to migrations and correctly dumps foreign keys to schema.rb
  • sinatra-fun

    Dinking around with Sinatra
  • factor

    Factor programming language
  • php-twitter

    A minimalist PHP Twitter API.
  • rack-test

    Rack::Test is a layer on top of Rack's MockRequest similar to Merb's RequestHelper
  • sliding_session_timeout

    A rails plugin that implements sliding session timeouts
  • vsafe_sheets

    excel spreadsheet test
  • csv_easily

    Load ActiveRecord-based tables from CSV files with the fewest lines of code
  • mytest

  • renorb.github.com

    Website for renorb.org
  • openpgp.rb

    [Retired] OpenPGP.rb is a pure-Ruby implementation of the OpenPGP Message Format (RFC 4880).
  • integrity-twitter

    Twitter notifier for the Integrity continuous integration server
  • webrat

    Webrat - Ruby Acceptance Testing for Web applications
  • kaichttpd

    a sample web server, my first c program
  • aws-s3

    AWS-S3 is a Ruby implementation of Amazon's S3 REST API
  • etsy

    A friendly Ruby interface to the Etsy API