There is a companion project to this project that allows for customers who have checked in a computer using the Computer Check-in System to be able to look up the status of their computer and leave notes for the tech(s) working on the computer. The companion project can be found at

INSTALLATION To install this on a new server you will need to make sure that the following directories are writeable by the web server:


These directories are where the PDF files will be store for checking in and out repairs as well as where the stale computer list will be stored.

To set up the database:

mysql -u yourusername -p yourdatabase < {WEBSERVERROOT}/install/structure.db

CONFIG FILE The two files that need to set up are:


There are examples of these files in the includes directory.

CRON JOBS There are a few scripts that need to be scheduled to run automatically. It does not matter when they run. These scripts are:

Turn Around Information {WEBSERVERROOT}/admin/maintenance/update_turn_around-done_date.php This will update the estimated turn around in days that is currently displayed on the front page of the Check-in System.

Stale Computer List {WEBSERVERROOT}/admin/maintenance/stale_computers_pdf.php This will print out all computer that have not had a note added to them in the last four days. You will also need to set the following directory as readable by what ever account is running the command:


Auto Contact {WEBSERVERROOT}/admin/maintenance/auto_contact.php This will automaticlly contact costumers that wish to be contacted when the status of their computer changes.

Send Survey {WEBSERVERROOT}/admin/maintenance/send_survey.php This will automaticlly send a survey out to anyone that has picked up their computer the prevoius day. STATIC PDF The static PDF folder ({WEBSERVERROOT}/pdf/static/) is where any and all static PDFs are store for printing. Currently there is only one file being used this way. That file is a price list that prints on the back of the users copy of the check-in sheet. The file is named pricelist.pdf

UNL SPECIFIC FILES There are design files that are specific to UNL ( and the UNL Computer Help Center ( This was a temporary measure for expedience. These files will be removed in the future once a system as been built to allow easier customization.