Licensed under the MIT license.

  • This code has been tested on CruiseControl.rb 1.3.

There are some important notes: * You need to set up your project manually, you can’t do an “add” via CruiseControl.

To install/use it, put the perforce.rb file into your cruisecontrol/app/models directory.

Manually setup your project: * Create a directory under the cruisecontrol/projects directory. * Place a cruise_config.rb file in it. It should contain something like the following in order to use Perforce:

Project.configure do |project| # Use Perforce for source control project.source_control = :port => ‘your.perforce.server:1666’, :clientspec => ‘clientspec-for-cruisecontrol’, :user => ‘buildusername’, :password => ‘builduserpassword’, :p4path => ‘//depot/path/to/your/rails/app/…’) end

  • Sync your code once.
  • Fire up CruiseControl, and let the games begin.

Usual disclaimer: I take no responsibility for your systems, code, etc. Read the code, test it out, backup your systems, etc.