Merb_XMPP A plugin for the Merb framework that allows you to send XMPP/Jabber notifications from Merb applications. If you quickly want to notify a user (if his cheeseburger is ready), this is the plugin you need! It doesn’t seperate composition and sending into micro MVC yet (like merb-mailer does), but that’s on my TODO list (just like merging with merb-mailer). Installation (sudo) gem install mlangenberg-merb_xmpp Configuration Add a ‘merb_xmpp’ dependency in init.rb and add set the configuration like so.

Merb::Xmpp.config = { :user => ‘’, :password => ‘some-secrect-password’, :persistent => true, #this is optional if you don’t want the jabber client to disconnect after delivery :test_send => true #also optional, will add messages to Merb::Xmpp.deliveries array instead of sending. }

Usage Sending a jabber message to a user is really easy:

message = => ‘’, :body => ‘cheezburger ready!’) message.deliver

You can also specify multiple receipients.

message = => [‘’, ‘’], :body => ‘cheezburger ready!’) message.deliver