NYAC – Not Yet an Arc Compiler

As the name suggests, the goal of this project is to build a complete Arc compiler that generates native binary code. Currently it is not Arc compatible, but it is already able to compile itself.

*) Supported platforms

The only platform supported is GNU/Linux on a x86 32 bits CPU.

*) Dependencies

In order to make nyac work, you will need a working gcc install.

*) Installation

First get it (you will need git installed):

$ git clone git://github.com/stefano/nyac.git

then enter nyac directory:

$ cd nyac

now you’ll need to unpack the precompiled binaries and to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (this assumes that you’re using bash):

$ tar -jxvf nyac-build-linux-x86-32-‘insert most recent date here’.tar.bz2


at this point, you should be able to test if it works:

$ ./build-arc/test.arc.run

*) Missing features

The two most important ones:

  • Threading
  • Lists, vectors, hash tables, etc. in function call position

Others (in no particular order):

  • Some function names differ from their Arc equivalent
  • Almost all of standard functions and macros are missing
  • ‘annotate and ‘rep
  • ssyntax
  • quasiquoting (but the reader expands `… to (quasiquote …) and ,… to (unquote …))
  • bignums, ratnums, etc. Only fixnums and floating point numbers are supported
  • only ASCII characters are supported
  • hash tables are still not implemented

The list could go on… Macros are supported, though.