= RFPDF Template Plugin

A template plugin allowing the inclusion of ERB-enabled RFPDF template files.


== TCPDF Version (The New or UTF8 Version)


If you are using HTML, it is recommended you install:

gem install -r htmlentities

TCPDF Documentation located at:


Example of simple use in .rhtml:

<% @pdf = TCPDF.new() @pdf.SetMargins(15, 27, 15); @pdf.AddPage(); text_options = {:font => “freeserif”} @pdf.draw_text(15, 10, “text”, {:font_size => 12, :font => “freeserif”}) %><%=@pdf.Output()%>

See the following files for sample of useage:

test_unicode.rfpdf utf8test.txt logo_example.png

FPDF users can migrate to TCPDF by changing the following from:

pdf = FPDF.new


pdf = TCPDF.new